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Have you got an old VOD system or outdated Pay Site CMS that you want to modify? Or do you want to start making money with your own exclusive adult channel? In both case we have a perfect solution for you: E-VOD 2.0: EFFECTIVE WHITE LABELED VIDEO-ON-DEMAND SOLUTION
The new VOD Evolution 2.0, a multi-devices OTT that will let you start in a fast and simple way to have your own channel: your on demand and live streaming solution.

Some Features:

Call or write, we will always answer!

All templates realized and personalized by our designers are perfectly responsive: any device and any screen dimensions.

Have a large list of users and contents to import? No worries, we can help. We can import a mass number of data easily into your channel account.

All you need is here: sitemap, meta-tag, analytics. We are always ready to improve our tools: you only need to ask.

Our platform is ready to broadcast your events, production, interview and shows: LIVE! Contact us and ask more information about this personalized service.

During the first month, we setup a full training to discover all platform features. We register our conversations, that you can watch any time you want. We also have an updated list of tutorials always available on our demo channel.

Are you ready for Video on Demand and OTT?

“Over-the-top” is a sexy phrase in entertainment business right now. It sits at the center of a sweet cyclone: the merging of the universes of television contents and digital video. But what does OTT really means? Over-the-top is a term used to describe movies, filming, series and TV content distributed via the Internet like Netflix, Sky Online, Hulu, Infintiy etc., without the need of subscriptions like a traditional satellite or cable pay-TV services.

Demo site:

Contact us for more information!

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