Pay Per Upload Service

pay per upload adult tube submits

Producing trailers, writing titles and descriptions, creating content partner accounts and uploading videos can be very time consuming.  You do not ( yet ) run a affiliate program but you would like some good exposure on the tubes? You run a affiliate program but you are not a big fan of re-watermarking your videos?

We can take care your video submissions!

We currently offer 2 options:

  1. You provide us with “ready to go” trailers/videos. We set up 36+ content partner channels. Our team writes the titles, descriptions and SEO tags. Starting at just $20 per video/upload batch.
  2. We create unique video clips with content you provide and according your specifications, set up the content partner channels, our team writes the titles, descriptions and SEO tags. Starting at just $30per video/upload batch.

Besides uploading to all content partner channels we also upload your promo videos to 125+  tubes we currently use, to get you extra exposure! Of course we could also start managing your existing partner channels.

Every month we provide you with an extensive upload report so you can follow the progression of the video uploads.

Note: we require a minimum of one video per day.

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